WCRR for Sale on Amazon now!

That's right! 

We've shipped our pre-orders and kickstarter backers and now the wait is finally over! World Championship Russian Roulette is for sale on Amazon! Right now, Amazon only ships to the US, but we're working on getting some games to Amazon.co.uk for international fulfillment, and also looking for a better long term solution for our international customers.

Thanks so much for all your support, and we hope you enjoy World Championship Russian Roulette!


WCRR Pre-Orders have shipped!

Hey everyone,

If you pre-ordered WCRR you orders have started to ship. Ideaspatcher (our international fulfillment company) will begin shipping orders shortly, and Amazon (our US fulfillment company) has already started to ship some orders out. Ideaspatcher could take about a week to get through all the shipments, and depending on your region you may receive an e-mail from the carrier that ships to you locally. Amazon orders will receive an e-mail when you order ships, probably within the next 24 hours.

As always, send us a message at contact@tuesdayknightgames.com if you have any comments or concerns!


WCRR Pre-Order Update

Hey everyone!

Just a quick update for those of you who pre-ordered WCRR: We've begun shipping to our Kickstarter backers, and it looks like the majority of the US backers have received their games, but International backers have not received their games yet (they are scheduled to ship out on March 16). 

Once International backers have started receiving their copies, we will begin shipping out WCRR pre-orders. I know it's a little late, but we had some unavoidable delays at customs for our international backers. We won't be taking the product live on Amazon though until pre-order customers have shipped, so you're still way ahead of the curve! 

As always, give us a shout at contact@tuesdayknightgames.com if you have any questions, comments or concerns!


Necroboomicon: the first expansion for Two Rooms and a Boom is Live on Kickstarter!

Necroboomicon is the first expansion to Two Rooms and a Boom, the party game that is always a blast. Think of it as Two Rooms and a Boom on HARD MODE!

We wanted to make our first expansion special so we focused on four things that we thought would make the game incredibly fun for old fans and new fans alike:

  • Character cards inspired by the master of horror, H.P. Lovecraft (we're talking the Cthulhu Mythos, here).
  • Enhanced tension and play for seasoned Boomers (peeps that enjoy playing Two Rooms).
  • Introduces and encourages color sharing when playing with fewer than 11 players.
  • Specifically designed to make Two Rooms just as fun with few players. Only have 6 players? NO PROBLEM!

Two Rooms and a Boom back in stock!

That's right! After the longest wait ever, Two Rooms and a Boom is back in stock on Amazon! This is the beautiful, new and improved second edition. We've got slight upgrades to the quality of the plastic cards, a cardstock upgrade to the Leader Cards and then a host of minor fixes and improvements. It's still got all the great roles and characters from the first/kickstarter edition, so be sure to snag yours today!

When Will Two Rooms Be Available?

Hey gang,

Quick check-in here. Many of you have been asking when Two Rooms will be available again (or in some cases "if" it will), I can answer that a little bit better now! Games are scheduled to arrive in the US Amazon warehouse today and if that happens then there should be a few days of receiving before we go live on the store. International customers will have to wait a week or so as those games shipped later. 

We'll be sure to post on here again when the games are live and for sale, as well as send out a newsletter - so if you haven't already, go subscribe! 

Have fun!


Pre-Orders Have Shipped. What's next?

Hey Knights,

A couple quick notes from the manufacturing side of things this week!


If you live in the U.S. and you pre-ordered a copy of Two Rooms and a Boom (2nd Edition), then there's about a 90% chance that your order has shipped (as I'm looking at the Seller Central back-end that Amazon provides, there's only about a dozen or so left that are in the "planning" stages, meaning that Amazon is slapping labels and boxes on the games before shipping them out). You should receive an e-mail from Amazon when your game ships. Some of you have even gotten yours already! Wee!

International Orders, Ideaspatcher tells me their games usually ship out on Wednesday, so tomorrow I'll be contacting them to see where we're at.

When Will Games Be Available Again?

That's a tough question. Because of quality control delays, we had Panda air-ship pre-orders to our warehouses so that you guys wouldn't be stuck holding the bag on a super late game. However, the bulk of our print-run is still being assembled in China. That means that if everything goes well, it should hit the boat in about a week or so, meaning that games will get here sometime in late October or possibly early November just in time for the holiday season.

However, we've decided to open up a second round of pre-orders for those of you who missed out on the first batch. These pre-orders will ship when the bulk of the games arrive at our warehouses (Amazon and Ideaspatcher), before the games go live on Amazon for sale. Look forward to that happening sometime next week!

As always, if you have any problems, questions, or concerns, feel free to e-mail us at contact@tuesdayknightgames.com


--Sean (and Alan)