What's Been Up with the Download Link


Hey guys,

I figured you deserved an explanation for why the download link has been so wonky lately. So, here's what going on:

So, we use dropbox primarily to share our company files and to post links for download. It's pretty awesome normally, all we have to do is drop the file in, and then dropbox can create a sharable link to the file. So what happened?

Previously, because working for Tuesday Knight Games, I worked for a company called Arcane Wonders (they make the game Mage Wars). When I joined the company, I was given a "Dropbox Team" account. What that means was that my personal account was now given access to the greater "Mage Wars" account. This gave me about a terabyte of dropbox space, much more than the 8-12 gigs I had accumulated on my own (through evangelizing customers, etc.). However, when I left Arcane Wonders, I was, obviously, taken off of the team account. Now normally, this shouldn't have been a big deal. I should've gotten my 12 gigs or so of space back to my personal account that I had accumulated. I might have been "over" on my account until I delete the extraneous files from my old company, but other than that it should have been normal.


What happened is that Dropbox deleted my entire account. Not the files, mind you, those stayed untouched on my computer, which is a good thing. But it was like I had never had a dropbox account at all! So, I filed a claim with dropbox, stating my longstanding devotion to them, that I use it in all my projects, companies, have paid for it, and evangelized a lot of friends over to it. However, they are dragging their feet on getting back to me.

Anyways, I searched for a few other file sharing companies and I'm working on getting something up quickly. I even created a temporary dropbox account until they get all of this sorted out. All my files are currently re-uploading there and as soon as they are good to go, I'll have a working download link up for you guys.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience. If you're in desperate need of a Print-and-Play kit, send us a message on Facebook, and we'll find a way to get you one.

McCoy out.

TL;DR Hosted files on Dropbox. Dropbox screwed us over. Working on new solution.