Survive. Solve. Save. Pick one.


Mothership is a sci-fi horror roleplaying game where you and your crew try to survive in the most inhospitable environment in the universe: outer space! You'll excavate dangerous derelict spacecraft, explore strange unknown worlds, exterminate hostile alien life, and examine the horrors that encroach upon your every move. Choose from one of four classes:

  • Teamsters, the rough and tumble workers. More versatile at first level, Teamsters can be anything from engineers, to pilots, to asteroid miners.

  • Scientists, doctors, researches or anyone who wants to slice open aliens (or infected crew members) with a scalpel. Become an expert in genetics or xenobiology - or protect your crew from deadly viruses.

  • Androids are an exciting and terrifying addition to any crew. Powerful due to their supreme intellect, speed, and near-immunity to fear, they tend to unnerve other crew members with their cold inhumanity.

  • Marines are here to shoot bugs and chew bubblegum. They're handy in a fight, and better when grouped together, but be wary when a marine panics because it could spell doom for the rest of your crew.

Mothership is actively in development, with limited print releases of the Alpha at most major conventions (Origins, Gen Con, Pax Unplugged, BGGCon, etc.).



Dead Planet is the first module for the MOTHERSHIP Sci-Fi horror roleplaying game. It's packed to the brim wtih usable, gameable content for any sci-fi rpg, including:

  • The Screaming on the Alexis: A one-page adventure on a derelict ship filled with corpses and a strange artifact.

  • A planetcrawl of the Dead Planet with several locations, including The Red Tower, a five-level underground bunker filled with a horde of Gaunt, a terrifying, nightmare-inducing creature.

  • Moon Colony Bloodbath: An exploration of a ritual cannabilistic society trapped on the Dead Planet's moon. Civil war is brewing, and nightmares are driving the colonists to compulsively sculpt nightmarish totems.

  • A generator for making your own derelict ships at the table.

  • Several incredible tables ripe for stealing, including: d100 nightmares, d100 colonists, an eerie sculpture generator, and a hyperdrive malfunction table

  • And much, much more!

This adventure is suitable for characters of any level in a survival horror setting and is sure to pose a challenge to even the most battle hardened party.

48 pages. Full color interior.
Written by Donn Stroud, Fiona Maeve Geist, and Sean McCoy
Art by Sean McCoy and Stephen Wilson

What are people saying?

Such a great example of design in RPGs... If I was gonna run a sci-fi horror game this is the only game I’d use.... Strongly recommended.
— Ben Milton, Questing Beast
I think there’s a pretty good chance I’m actually gonna run this.
— Matt Colville

want to kill your players?

If you want to run public games of Mothership in exchange for free swag, then the Mothership Wardens Club is for you.

resources & downloads

Please feel free to download and print out these character sheets and player aids for your Mothership game. In the future, we'll be looking to add some alternate character sheet for more advanced players as well as some pre-built starships. Let us know what else you'd like to see.


character sheet

8.5x11" Character sheet. Includes all the instructions for character creation on the page, as well as a Skill Tree flowchart for tracking your character's progress. Class options and starting equipment loadouts included as well.


ship creation sheet

8.5x11" Ship creation sheet. Includes simple and intuitive instructions for building a starship on the page, as well as room for layout and design. Build a mining frigate, shuttle, hunter, freighter, or troopship. The options are limitless.


mercenary character sheets

8.5x11" Mercenary sheet. Sometimes you need to hire mercenaries to help get the job done. Mercenaries have more limited stats than regular characters. Each sheet holds four "mini" mercenary sheets.


player's cheat sheet

5.5x8.5" Cheat sheet. Contains the basic rules and procedures in Mothership, including the basic mechanics, combat, stress & panic rules. Two can fit on a page and make good handouts for new players.


d100 jump drive malfunctions

8.5x11" Tables. From the Dead Planet module. Find out what happens when your Jump Drive freaks out. As a bonus, there's d100 Random Weapon Caches, perfect for when the crew stumbles upon some unmarked loot crate.


dead planet printable maps

x4 8.5x11" Maps. Highly detailed, printer-friendly maps of The Red Tower, The Alexis, and a map of the Dead Island from the Dead Planet. Perfect as handouts for players or for Wardens hacking their own unique missions.


android origins

8.5x11" Table. This sheet contains tables to determine where your player’s Androids were manufactured and for what purpose, as well as a custom Android Panic Table for those extra-special freakouts.


get connected

Have a question? Want to find a playgroup? Check out our Discord channel where the devs and playtesters hang. You can join the Mothership Subreddit r/mothershiprpg and find resources and post links to help your fellow Wardens! Also, you can find Mothership on RPGgeek for further discussion.


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