Mothership: Player's Survival Guide


Mothership: Player's Survival Guide


Comes with:

  • Character creation rules

  • Ship building rules

  • 4 unique 4x6” creature cards - art on the front / rules on the back

  • 44 pages of sci-fi survival horror

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Mothership: Player's Survival Guide

Alpha Zine Edition, First Printing

Everything you need to get started running your very own game of Mothership. Includes:

  • Fast and simple character creation rules. In fact, all the character creation rules fit onto the character sheet itself!
  • Intuitive ship creation rules. Build your own starship and start cruising through the galaxy, mining asteroids, pirating corporate vessels, or exploring strange worlds.
  • Robust skill tree.
  • Rules for combat, ship-to-ship combat, 

44 pages, black & white, cardstock cover.