That's right foolish human! You thought you were buying a PUNY NINE CARD EXPANSION PACK - but 'lo and behold, what's this arcane secret buried within the hidden depths of Necroboomicon's unknowable foil pack? Why, it is none other than Nyarlathotep, the Black Pharaoh, the Bloated Worm, the Crawling Mist, the Faceless God, the Haunter of the Dark, the Masked Messenger, Randall Flagg, the Whispering Man, Mr. Skin, the Dweller in Darkness, the Thing in the Yellow Mask...



At any point before the last round of the game, you, Nyarlathotep, must change your card for any card currently not in play. This means that you will need access to all character cards not in play. This character exchange can only can be done once. If you forget to exchange your card by the end of the game or if you are unable to, then you fail to win your objective.

Note: the card you retrieve is always cleansed when it is first drawn, meaning it has no acquired conditions.

  • For a quick attempt at winning, try exchanging for the Leprechaun.
  • Works poorly if you select Nuclear Tyrant.

Nyarlathotep is a "Changer"

This means that whatever card you choose, that will become your new character. Any win conditions that come with the new character become yours. Once you have your new character card, for all intents and purposes, it is no longer relevant to the game that you used to be Nyarlathotep.

For example: If you choose the Doctor, you will now have to card share with the President or else your team will lose the game.


New Character Cards Come "Cleansed"

This means that if you acquired any conditions while you were Nyarlathotep (perhaps you became "shy" as a result of card sharing with the Criminal), you no longer have those conditions. It is as if you had just been dealt your new card at the beginning of the game. Fresh!