BashCon 2013

So every year the students at University of Toledo throw a gaming convention called BashCon.  This year (2013), I had the pleasure to attend.

I've attended a whole lot of conventions, and each one has a slightly different feel from the others.  BashCon really had the feel of a student run convention.  So what do I mean by that?  Well, both good and bad... but mostly good.

The Bad: I submitted our Two Rooms and a Boom events over a month prior to the convention.  There were three events I submitted, each one in the evening of the three days of the convention (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).  Unfortunately, only one of those events made it into the event book.  I tried, multiple times, to contact the students in charge... but received little to no response.  No worries though because of...

The Good: Sure, students are busy and full of preoccupation.  When they are not in class, they are studying, drinking, eating, or sleeping.  So it can be difficult to organize an entire game convention.  But while students are busy, they also make for amazing company.  Even though our game events didn't make it into the event book, all I had to do was simply walk around campus and ask, "Hey, want to playtest a social party game?  You get to blow up your friends," and the students flocked to the event.

Each Two Rooms and a Boom event was suppose to last three hours.  Unfortunately, three hours didn't work.  Players wanted to keep playing, and playing, and playing, and playing.  By the end of Sunday, I had to regretfully explain that I needed to drive back home and get ready for work the next day.

In the end, BashCon was awesome!!!  I know that I will always do my best to make it out to the U of T every year.  Conventions seem to either grow or shrink, and BashCon is growing every year.  More and more game companies are recognizing the growing presence of games on the college campus.  If for no other reason, BashCon was worth it simply for the amazing friends I made while playing there.

BashCon for life!