Zombie House Blitz

Dear Designer Diary, Many things occupy our minds throughout the day.  Sometimes, it is relationship crap ("Is he going to buy the cow if the milk is free?").  Other times, it is work ("I got this hella-deadline.")  And sometimes, it is fun stuff ("Tonight I'm going to melt my face with some awesome fun shenanigans... funanigans!).  For me, lately, it has been all three of those.

Relationships: as a newly wed, I want my wife to know that our marriage is awesome.  We just reached 6 months, and I'm happier than I ever have been.  However, we've also been really busy.  We haven't even gotten to go on our honeymoon because we're attempting financial security as a couple.

Other Relationship: my friends Jeremiah and Donn are running a Kickstarter campaign for their game Zombie House Blitz.  This directly relates to me for several reasons.  1.)  I love those dudes and want good things for them.  B.) Zombie House Blitz is a super fun game that I selfishly want a bunch of people to have so I can play it more often.  RED.) One of my solutions to financial security is trying to cash in on my game designing (something I've been doing as a hobby for years now).  I'm planning on doing the Kickstarter thing, just like Jeremiah and Donn.

Work (I'm still going through things that have been occupying my mind): I recently quit one of my fun day jobs of delivering water (yeah, it was like getting paid to workout... which I loved) so that I could invest my time into Two Rooms and a Boom and my other game ventures.  Now I spend most of my free-time dedicated the job of answer playtester's questions, fixing the ever evolving rule book, and playtesting the poopsicles out of 2RoomBoom.  My thoughts include, "What should the cards look like?" and "How can we make Zombie Virus transfers easier?"

Fun: "Holy Crap!" I thought.  What if I do a tutorial video on how to play Zombie House Blitz!?!  This way I can combine my work (promoting Tuesday Knight Games) with my relationships (involve my wife while helping out my game-bro's) and have some fun while I do it!  I'll teach my wife how to play the game, and throw some shameless Tuesday Knight Game plugs as well!

So for the last week, I've dusted off my old Flip video camera and begged my wife Crystol to play some ZHB with me.  Turns out, she loves the game.  In fact, at our last gaming event, she taught some people how to play the game just so should could destroy them.  I'm very lucky to have a wife that will game with me and tolerate all the time I spend working on creative endeavors.  While she's a little camera shy, I appreciate her help.

Speaking of wives, I wouldn't have done any of this if it wasn't for my "2nd Wife" and business partner, Sean McCoy.  As you may not know, Designer Diary, Sean's a video guru.  One of his past occupations (and probably future occupations) was that of a film director.  He did the MageWars tutorial videos with me, and I'm sure he's doing a great job of making my feeble efforts at a "How to Play" video look great!

Great things are still coming!  Thanks for listening Designer Diary... you're almost as good as a good playtester.