Kickstarter Addiction #1: An Introduction

So, there is no denying that I'm a Kickstarter addict.  I've never been the addictive type, or so I thought... until I started using Kickstarter.  I probably pledge on at least one project a day.  Instead of reading the morning news, I check out Kickstarter projects.  While I'm concentrating on the toilet, I've got my iPad on my fuzzy lap as I peruse the Games section of Kickstarter.  Every morning, I wake up, check me email, check BoardGameGeek, check out Facebook... and then I go through the Ending Soon category of Kickstarter.  For some reason, I feel like I lost if an awesome looking projects ends without having viewed it.

My addiction began with Eminent Domain, a game published by Tasty Minstrel Games, owned by an awesome guy (Michael Mindes), and designed by another cool dude (Seth Jaffee).  I do the occasional playtest for Tasty Minstrel and was informed about their first Kickstarter campaign.  I pledged at a level where I was able to get a planet named after me (planet Gerdland, its fertile... of course).  This was pretty much the beginning of the end for me.
I've pledged to campaigns because their product looks awesome.
I've pledged to campaigns because I've known the people involved.
I've pledged to campaigns because I've enjoyed their video.
I've pledged to campaigns because they had a pledge level that would let me put my wife into their project.
I've even pledged to campaigns because I want that excitement of helping an underdog out, knowing that my money is helping support a dream.  That is the place from where most of my pledges come.  It is easy to imagine that Sean and I are the same as this group of people aspiring to get their creative endeavor made into a reality.  Sure, I enjoy the products and the excitement of checking my mailbox everyday to see if one of my many pledges has come home.  But what I really enjoy, and why I am an addict is because of the satisfaction in knowing that my contributions make a difference.
Show me a great idea, show me a friendly face, show me a sincere want and need, and I'll show you one more backer.