Star Struck

Sean and I have been doing interviews with podcasters.  We're trying to do promotional work for our upcoming game Two Rooms and a Boom.  Now I've done plenty of interviews before without a problem.  I'm also not one to suffer from stage fright.  In fact, I was a paid actor for the Cleveland Playhouse for years, donning many roles.  I've also met several celebrities throughout my time on this planet.  I spent time with Ultimate Fighters (Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz), I,ve been pitied by Mr. T, I shook hands with the late Gary Coleman (he wasn't dead at the time), met the mighty Bruce Campbell, and conversed with Paul Walker on the streets of L.A.  My point is, I've been trained and practice in the art of preventing social anxiety, and I am certainly not prone to being star-struck.

Imagine my surprise when I found myself nervous as hell when being interviewed by TableTop industry podcasters.  Words flopped out of my mouth instead of flowed.  Cats not only got my tongue, but beat the shit out of it.  My palms were sweaty and my mouth was dry.  An inner thoughts were like those of a middle schooler asking the cute girl out to dance.  "Doh, that was a dumb thing to say," said my mind.  My Jiminy Cricket was a vicious critic, saying, "You're rambling now.  Shut up and move on you damn fool!"  So why the difference?  Why can I chill with Rich Sommer, high-five Kevin Sorbo, but fall to pieces when talking about my game to a podcaster?
I believe it all has to do with fandom.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a HUGE Bruce Campbell fan, and I was really excited to meet him.  Yet, never in my mind did I think that there would be a chance that I would get to work with Bruce Campbell.  Getting to know Mr. T would have been a childhood dream, but that idea was checked by reality early on.  But when I talk to Michael Fox of the Little Metal Dog Show, or "Drew" of House Rules, I'm flabbergasted.  These are totally dudes with whom I can see having extended conversations.  They do excellent work talking to people in the tabletop industry, discussing game design, and share enthusiasm over topics which I am already enthused!  So good are their podcasts that every couple of weeks it feels as though I've invited them into my home to chill and talk games.  In fact, when I told my wife that I was going to be interviewed by Michael Fox, she actually said, "You mean the guy from the Little Metal Dog Show?"  The funniest thing is that I can guarantee that these fine gents don't consider themselves at all celebrities, but their podcasts make them invited guests into their listeners lives on a regular basis.
Sean and I will let you know when our interviews are released.  When you listen, see if you can hear the nervousness in my voice... a trait that usually isn't there.  Feel free to give me a hard time about it, because no matter of scrutiny I receive can surpass the biting words of my berating Jiminy Cricket.