2R1B Kickstarter Launch September 24!

2R1B will be launching on Kickstarter on September 24! Get pumped!

2R1B Kickstarter Launch!

Tuesday, September 24

That's right! The moment we've all been waiting for, Two Rooms and a Boom will be launching on Kickstarter Tuesday, September 24 - that's the last Tuesday of September.

Are you as pumped as we are?!

Alan and Sean are so excited to finally share this Kickstarter campaign with all of you. We've played so many games of 2R1B with so many of you, and it's been a blast meeting everyone.

We want to make this an amazing Kickstarter experience for everyone involved, so start spreading the word - this baby will have awesome stretch goals, great pledge levels, and of course - the best version of Two Rooms and a Boom to date!

Boom Or Doom! Now on its 5th Stretch Goal!

That's right! Boom or Doom, TKG's documentary about the making of Two Rooms and a Boom, funded in 24 hours, and with two weeks still left to go, we've reached almost half of our stretch goals! Come join us in this awesome journey!

Pledge Now!

Newsday Night Freebie - Double-O 7 Bang!

With every Newsday Night newsletter, we hope to bring you a cool freebie - maybe that's a print-and-play copy of one of our upcoming games, or in this case, a video, teaching you how to play a game!

In this video, Alan's teaching a very fast-simple game called Double-O 7 Bang! It's a great icebreaker for parties, and a good warm-up while the host prepares another event. Check it out!