NN - 2R1B Launches Oct. 29! For real this time!

2R1B will be launching on Kickstarter on September 24! Get pumped!

2R1B Kickstarter Launch!

Tuesday, October 29

That's right! The moment we've all been waiting for, Two Rooms and a Boom will be launching on Kickstarter Tuesday, October 29 - that's the last Tuesday of October. We're so sorry for the wait, and we really appreciate all the fans that have kept the faith with us! But we've finally gotten Kickstarter approval and we are ready to roll!

Newsday Night Freebie - 1001 Tuesday Knights!

With every Newsday Night newsletter, we hope to bring you a cool freebie - maybe that's a print-and-play copy of one of our upcoming games, or in this case, a video, teaching you how to play a game!

In this video, we've got a brand-spanking-new print and play game called 1001 Tuesday Knights. The video below will teach you how to play, and you can download the game by clicking the button below!

Download 1001 Tuesday Knights now!