Almost Done

International Backers

That's right, we are almost done. Soon we will be able to stop annoying everyone with these updates. Ideaspatcher (the international fulfillment company handling our account) confirmed that the last of the international orders of Two Rooms were shipped on Friday the 28th. If any international backers do not have their copies by Wednesday, September 9th, these backers should contact them at:

Narrative Playsets

I've personally been finalizing the narrative playsets. They are designed, tested, and now they are in their final stages of proofreading. The narrative playsets teach a completely different way to play the game. I'm 90% excited to share these with you and 10% nervous. When we release these files next week, it is my sincere hope that you'll give them a try and find them to add even more spice to your group games of Two Rooms and a Boom. Until next week, thanks again for your continued support.