Necroboomicon for Sale on Amazon

Necroboomicon, the first expansion for Two Rooms and a Boom is now for sale on Amazon for only $6. Necroboomicon is Two Rooms and a Boom on Hard Mode. What does that mean, exactly?

Essentially, whenever we design a new expansion pack for Two Rooms, we're asking ourselves: what can this expansion bring to the game that isn't already in the base game? We're looking for ways to add fun, challenge players, or experiment with interesting mechanics. Additionally, we also look for ways to shore up weakness, or give players more options to craft the game to their playgroup or play style.

And that's why we emphasize that Necroboomicon is Two Rooms and a Boom on hard mode so often. It's designed to give a more intense experience for players, and particularly to make that experience even more intense at small play counts (like say from 6-10 players).

So check it out! We hope you enjoy it - and if you do, not to worry, we've got plans for another expansion coming this year, so stay tuned.