try the party game that's always a blast

In this social game of hidden roles and deduction, players are divided into 2 different rooms. Find your teammates, establish trust, and exchange hostages before time runs out and the bomb explodes! It's the party game that's always a blast. 

  • Only minutes to play! Strategy, socialization, and intrigue within a time limit.
  • Over 70 unique 100% plastic character cards! Everyone can be different!
  • No moderator necessary. Everyone gets to play!
  • Share your card with others to prove your loyalty. Make friends, not enemies.
  • Includes all the Kickstarter stretch goals!

What's in the Box?!

Two Rooms and a Boom Includes:

  • Game Box
  • The Basic Rules book
  • The Character Guide book
  • x2 Leader Cards
  • All 17 Basic Character Cards (President, Bomber, 7 Blue Team, 7 Red Team, and the Gambler)
  • All Advanced Character Cards from the Kickstarter campaign. This game contains over 70 unique 100% plastic character cards! 

get ready for hard mode

Necroboomicon is the first expansion to Two Rooms and a Boom, the party game that is always a blast. Think of it as Two Rooms and a Boom on HARD MODE!

We wanted to make our first expansion special so we focused on four things that we thought would make the game incredibly fun for old fans and new fans alike:

  • 10 All-New terrifying Character Cards inspired by the master of horror, H.P. Lovecraft.
  • Enhanced tension and play for seasoned Boomers.
  • Introduces and encourages color sharing when playing with fewer than 11 players.
  • Specifically designed to make Two Rooms just as fun with few players. Only have 6 players? NO PROBLEM!

How to Play

In Two Rooms and a Boom there are 2 teams and 2 rooms. The 2 teams are the Blue Team and the Red Team. The Blue Team has a President. The Red Team has a Bomber. Players are first equally distributed between 2 separate playing areas (usually
2 separate rooms) and then each player is randomly dealt a facedown character card.

Players play the game by saying what they want in order to select a leader for their room. The leader chooses hostages (players who will be sent to the other room at the end of the round).

The game consists of 3 timed rounds. Each round is shorter than the previous round. At the end of each round, the hostages selected by the leaders will be traded into opposing rooms.

The game ends after the last hostage exchange.

Everyone reveals their card. If Red Team’s Bomber is in the same room as the President, then the Red Team wins. Otherwise the Blue Team wins. 



Just got your copy of Two Rooms and a Boom and don't know how to put together a great playset? Here are our sweet sweet Recommended Playsets with awesome suggestions for different player counts, styles, and difficulty levels!

My First Grey Game [12 to 27 Players]         

  • President/Bomber
  • Blue Team/Red Team (optional)
  • r/b Coy Boy
  • r/b Negotiator
  • r/b Spy
  • Intern
  • Rival
  • Survivor
  • Victim
  • MI6 (if plaiyng with an odd number of players)

My First Bury [9 to 23 Players] 

  • President/Bomber
  • Presdient's Daughter/Martyr
  • Doctor/Engineer
  • Nurse/Tinkerer
  • Blue Team/Red Team (optional)
  • Private Investigator
  • Important Note: Bury a card. Read BURYING A CARD (pg. 12 of Rulebook).

My First Game (AKA: Vanilla) [6 to 17 players]

  • President/Bomber
  • Blue Team/Red Team (add as necessary for player count)
  • Gambler (if playing with an odd number of players)

My First 30 Player Game [6 to 30 players]     

  • President/Bomber
  • Blue Team/Red Team (add as necessary for player count)
  • r/b Angel (more than 16 players)
  • r/b Mime (more than 18 players)
  • r/b Paparazzo (more than 20 players)
  • r/b Clown (more than 22 players)
  • r/b Demon (more than 24 players)
  • President’s Daughter/Martyr (more than 26 players)
  • Nurse/Tinkerer (more than 28 players)
  • Gambler (if playing with an odd number of players)

My First Color Share [11 to 25 players] 

  • President/Bomber
  • Doctor/Engineer
  • Blue Team/Red Team (add as necessary for player count)
  • r/b Coy Boy
  • r/b Negotiator
  • r/b Spy
  • Gambler (if playing with an odd number of players)



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      — Shut Up and Sit Down
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      — Ted Alspach
      It’s one of the best [hidden role games] out there.
      — Tom Vasel, the Dice Tower