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A podcast about board games and other games you can play on or under your table! This podcast includes: Host, Alan Gerding, gaming news, stories, inside perspective of running a game company. 

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If you're just getting into the show and are worried about the huge backlog - have no fear! Every "Zero Episode" (that is episode that ends in "0") we go over what the show is like and catch you up on what's been going on over at TKG. Zero Episodes are a great way hop in on the action and see what's going on.

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That's right - get knighted under our famed Knave-to-Knight program. All you need to do is e-mail us an audio recording of a tabletop related story. If we like it, we'll play it on the podcast and decide whether you are worthy to join the ranks of the illustrious Tuesday Knights!

Recent Guests

Our podcast is all about stories, and what better way is there to hear interesting stories than by talking to interesting people? Check out some of our recent guests below to hear some of their stories on everything from publishing/designing/manufacturing games to just life itself.

So far a solid podcast! It’s funny hearing these stories and relating them back to experiences with my own friends.
— MANUEL521, iTunes Review
These guys are dope af
— Runin4lyf, iTunes Review
I am not a gamer. Why should I listen to this podcast? Because it’s awesome. I will probably never play 95% of the games discussed, but found the breakdown of the games interesting. The conversation topics are fun and fluid. I wish I could join in.
— Socrates Way, iTunes Review

Show Notes from Our Latest Episodes