congratulations, comrade!

You've made it to the World Championship!

...Unfortunately, it's in Russian Roulette. In this press-your-luck bluffing game with simultaneous play, you (and up to 5 other players) are the team captain of your nation's Russian Roulette team.

Be the first to win 15 victory points or be the last captain with your brains still in your skull to win! Players earn points by bidding on how many pulls of their gun's trigger they can survive. Get 1 point for every pull that doesn't kill you!

“I think a lot of people are going to really enjoy this one. Dice Tower Judgement: Approved!” - Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower




  • Game Box
  • Rulebook
  • x24 Character Tiles
  • x55 Gun Cards
  • x6 Custom Bidding Dice
  • x30 Action Cards
  • x42 Victory Tokens
  • x6 Pocket Reference Tiles
... May just be the best bluffing game ever.
— Charlie Theel, Ding and Dent


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How to Play

In World Championship Russian Roulette players command a team of Russian Roulette players from around the world - their goal is to be the last team standing, or the first team to 15 points.

Play takes place over a number of turns, with six phases in each turn. All players play each phase simultaneously, so there's no waiting around.

  • In the Pocket Phase players choose one of their seven gun cards to play face down in their "pocket." This allows some players to "cheat" in the game world.
  • In the Spin Phase players shuffle their remaining gun cards, effectively spinning the chamber of their guns.
  • In the Bidding Phase players choose how many cards they will draw from their gun decks.
  • In the Challenge Phase players can choose to challenge each other over whether they have "cheated" by placing a bullet card into their pocket. Challenge correctly and you reap great rewards. Get called out for cheating and... well.
  • In the Trigger Phase players draw cards from their gun decks until they draw the number of cards they bid during the bidding phase. Draw a "Bang!" card, however, and you gain no points and lose a team member.
  • In the Point Phase players gain points (if they survived the Trigger Phase) for each card they drew. The first to fifteen points wins!

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