Mothership: Shipbreaker's Toolkit

Mothership: Shipbreaker's Toolkit

Sci-Fi Horror Roleplaying Game
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1eFirst Edition Core Rulebook

The ultimate guide to space travel in the Mothership® universe. The Shipbreaker's Toolkit gives you all the tools for operating, maintaining, and, if the need arrises, battling spacecraft.

  • Build, buy, break, and battle ships
  • 10 pre-made ships, ready to play and customize
  • Addresses common issues with space travel and ship combat

Mothership 1e

Teens (PG-13)

Mothership® is a horror game for mature audiences. It contains violence, foul language, some sexual content, drug use, and depictions of mental illness, trauma, stress, and panic that may not be suitable for all audiences. Please be advised.

Written by Sean McCoy

Ships designed by Sam Wildman

Edited by Jarrett Crader

Developed by Donn Stroud, Nick Reed, Tyler Kimball, Fiona Maeve Geist, Luke Gearing, and Sam Wildman

Illustrated by Ryan Barry, Jordan Farquhar, Gil Rodrigo, Sean McCoy, and Sam Wildman

Tuesday Knight Games

New Tools for

Spacecraft in Mothership

The Shipbreaker's Toolkit is a new core rulebook dedicated to building, buying, breaking, and battling ships.

10 pre-made ships

No Assembly Required

Includes specs for 10 ships with everything you need to play. You don’t need to build them like you do when you create a character. Instead, if your characters start on a ship, the Warden will assign you a pre-designed one with its own issues and problems. Over time you may upgrade and customize your ship–or not! This is a horror game, so you don’t have to worry about detailed bookkeeping unless you want to.

RPG Space Travel, Evolved.

This revolutionary book tackles all the difficult problems of space travel and ship combat that have plagued RPGs for decades:

Failure Affects Everyone

Failure on a ship affects everyone. Whenever your ship fails a stat check or save, everyone on board gains 1 Stress. If your ship ever critically fails, everyone makes a Panic Check.

"Ship Rounds"

Ship combat isn't built of individual actions, but group choices. There's no pilot action or gunner action, you're all in this together. We cover this with "ship rounds," where each ship attempts to evade or fight. Once the ship round is over, time returns to normal as you deal with the issues onboard that the damage from ship combat has created.

Ship Damage

Ship damage takes affects the environment. Damage doesn't abstractly reduce the number of hit points your ship has, it changes things for the future, shutting down your life support system, or taking your navigation offline. This means that all damage at the ship scale creates a problem for you to deal with at the human scale.

Repairs & maintenance

Repairs and maintenance issues cause lasting problems that you'll need to deal with or suffer the consequences. We've got an awesome table of d100 maintenance issues, made up of major and minor repairs. These take time and money to solve, sometimes months, where your ship will be out of commission and you'll need to find local work or get a ticket somewhere else.