Companion App

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The official Mothership® Companion App has all the tools you need to quickly create and play characters for the Mothership® Sci-Fi Horror tabletop RPG. You'll never have to remember to bring dice or a character sheet to a game again.

Free Features

  • Streamlined Character Creation. Creating a brand new character only takes seconds.
  • Powerful dice Roller. Whether it's stat checks, saves, or you just need to roll 6d10, our in-app dice roller has you covered.
  • Easy Inventory Management. Quickly buy, acquire, and organize any weapon, armor, or piece of equipment in the Player's Survival Guide.
  • Detailed Status Tracking. Keep track of your health, wounds, Stress, ammo, and other conditions with just a few taps. No more erasing and re-writing over and over.

Upgrade to Companion Pro

Our free version has everything you need to play the game, but with Companion Pro, you get access to an amazing new set of tools:

  • Unlimited Characters. Create as many characters as you want, track your high score and which ones have survived!
  • Import & Export. Export your characters to pdf for printing or back them up with a JSON file.
  • One-Click Character Creation. Randomly generate an entire character with one tap, everything from stats and saves to their name and portrait.
  • Custom Character Portraits. Upload your own character portraits to make your character truly your own.
  • Night Void Theme (Coming Soon). Take it easy on the eyes with our first custom theme: Night Void.
  • Contractors (Coming Soon). Roll up and hire custom contractors. Fit them with equipment and even upgrade them to a fully fledge player character if needed.