About TKG

Tuesday Knight Games

We make games to play with anyone, anywhere.

Tuesday Knight Games is an independent board game company! We make games to play with anyone, anywhere. Publishers of: Two Rooms and a Boom, World Championship Russian Roulette, That's Not Lemonade!, Mothership, and more!

Every Tuesday night for the last 15 years, Alan Gerding has had a party at his house. Everyone of all ages and backgrounds is invited for an amazing night of board games, party games, swimming, food and fun.

In 2012 Alan met Sean McCoy, then the Director of Operations at Arcane Wonders, at the GAMA trade show. They hit it off and developed Two Rooms and a Boom, a social deduction party game.

In 2013 they decided to form a game company together that would make games you could play at Alan's Tuesday night group - social, fun, light games that anyone could play. Easy to teach, quick to play games like Two Rooms and a Boom!