From day one, Mothership® has been built, supported, sustained, and grown by our excellent community. Please feel free to join us and get advice and support for your game, find people to play with, or even get help publishing your own third-party Mothership® product!

Organized Play

Wardens Club

Run public games. Get free stuff. The Mothership® Wardens Club is organized play for gamemasters (Wardens in our lingo) who want to run games of Mothership® in public in exchange for free swag. By public we mean your friendly local game store, local gaming convention, bar, pub, library, or bookstore. These are games that anyone can play in (or that anyone can sign up for). Getting more people to play RPGs in general is great for the hobby and we want to support that with some cool free stuff as a thank you!


Have a question? Want to find a playgroup? Check out our Discord channel where the devs and playtesters hang.

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Join the Mothership® Subreddit (r/mothershiprpg) and find resources and post links to help your fellow Wardens!

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