For Mothership Players & Wardens

Please feel free to download and print out these character sheets and player aids for your Mothership® game. Let us know what else you'd like to see.

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Learn how to make a character, what is involved in playing the game, how to be a good player, and the intro elements to run your own game.

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Warden's Screen

8.5x11" // Four Pages
Contains all the tables on the Warden's Screen from the Deluxe Set in a landscape letter-sized format. It's perfect for just printing and keeping with your or for as inserts for a customizable GM screen.


Basic Character Profile

8.5x11" // Single Page
Includes all the instructions for character creation on the page, as well as a Skill Tree flowchart for tracking your character's progress. Perfect to teach beginners how to create a character.


Advanced Character Profile

8.5x11" // Single Page
Simplified character sheet without all the rules for creating a character. Recommended for veteran players who prefer a little extra space.


Ship Manifest

8.5x11" // Single Page
Includes a simple and easy to read sheet to track everything about your ship.