For use with the Mothership® Sci-Fi Horror RPG
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1eFirst Edition Compatible

Upon arriving for their first day on the job in a deep ocean research facility, it becomes apparent that the crew are caught in a uniquely horrifying situation. They’ve become trapped inside a time-loop, along with a number of rather peculiar and dangerous experiments.

Every ten minutes, the crew finds themselves back in the elevator they arrived in. Unable to escape, and no time to call for help, how long until they've looped one too many times for their mind to handle?


  • One/Two sessions of fun: Decagone usually plays out in 3 - 5 hours, perfect for a one-shot, or a slightly longer two-session mission.
  • Beginner friendly: With a clear goal and simple mechanics, Decagone is a perfect way to introduce new players to Mothership (but is sure to get an experienced player's blood pumping too!).
  • Campaign friendly: Decagone has been written so that it can be conveniently inserted into an existing Mothership campaign, or as a launchpad for a new one.
  • Time loop mechanics: Straight-forward guidance on how to manage the time-loops which form the core of Decagone.
  • Fully illustrated: Detailed illustrations, with visuals of every location, NPC, creature and item featured in the module.
  • Isometric map: A detailed illustration of the underwater facility and all of it's locations.
  • Stat blocks: All NPCs, Creatures and Items feature detailed stat blocks for easy reference.

Mothership 1e


Teens (PG-13)