Hull Breach Volume 1
Hull Breach Volume 1
Hull Breach Volume 1
Hull Breach Volume 1
Hull Breach Volume 1

Hull Breach Volume 1

For use with the Mothership® Sci-Fi Horror RPG
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1eFirst Edition Compatible

Brace for impact with the premier module anthology and sandbox campaign setting for the Mothership Sci-fi Horror RPG 1e. Eclectic yet intertwined scenarios, locations, toolkits and terrors.

Hull Breach Vol. 1 is a massive collection of 26 adventures and supplements spanning over 200 pages of all-new content, brought to you by a killer international crew of 3rd party Mothership authors, designers and artists. It’s everything you'll need to run Mothership 1e for years to come!

“Hull Breach is a stunning achievement by an insane team of creators. If you're a fan of sci-fi horror, I think this is one you can't miss.”

  • Sean McCoy (Mothership)

“One day I’ll run a Mothership campaign, and I can’t imagine doing it without this.”

  • Johan Nohr (Mörk Borg)


Curious about what’s inside? Let’s take a look at a few Hull Breach modules:

Manhunt by Ian Yusem (The Drain)

A Mothership system hack where you play the aliens! All new classes and rules for running creatures from beyond the stars, pitted against monstrous human foes.

Vibechete! by Joel Hines (Desert Moon of Karth)

Corporate scions party their last aboard an abandoned luxury space station in this twist-filled slasher adventure!

Residue Processing by Daniel Hallinan (Bloom)

Run hapless test subjects through a sinister artifact experimentation gauntlet in this Portal-inspired funnel adventure, for science!


To help you find precisely what you need on game night, we’ve divided the book into 5 convenient chapters:

  • INTEL: Level up your Warden skills with essential toolkits, mechanical innovations and theory columns from veteran horror GMs.
  • MISSIONS: A thoroughly playtested stable of adventures ready to rock your next one-shot or re-fill your seasoned crew’s job board.
  • LOCATIONS: Stations, planets and more to vibrantly populate your campaign world.
  • ENTITIES: Drop-in NPCs and extraterrestrial horrors to stalk your players’ dreams.
  • ASSETS: Loaded for bear with cassette-futurist tech, weapons and survival gear.

Though explicitly designed and statted up for Mothership 1e, Hull Breach contains plenty of resources and content applicable to any sci-fi RPG. No matter how you play, Hull Breach will work for you!


But that’s not all. There’s a secret book within our book, an invisible world lying just beneath the surface. Hull Breach articles weave an interconnected web of hooks, rumors and crossovers dangling for players to tug upon.  

Appendix materials like our sector map, conspiracy board and corporate factions outline an expanse of space dominated by the Publico megacorporation, and arm you with tools to effortlessly run a campaign therein.

It’s a complete campaign package when you need it, and an eclectic assortment of shiny toys when you don’t.


Our extensive digital asset pack includes printable handouts, tools and resources for online play, plus VTT-ready maps, tokens and more.

We also created an online planet generator based on a Hull Breach module as a companion website enabling interstellar exploration-based play. Our Rimspace Planet Generator won a Gold Ennie for Best Aid/Accessory (Digital) 2023. 

Find it at:


232 pages, A5, full color, smyth-sewn hardcover.

Printed in Canada with extravagant paper stock, cover treatments and book ribbon.

Fully hyperlinked, bookmarked and screen-reader ready PDF included.

Compatible with Mothership 1st Edition.

Made entirely by humans.

Written by Brian Stauffer, D. Kenny, Daniel Hallinan, Emily Weiss, Emmy Verte, Ian Yusem, Izzy B, Joel Hines, Liam Stevens, Lone Archivist, Matt Umland, Meredith Silver, Mystery Spice, Quadra, Reece Carter, Rye Porter, Talison Crosby, Tim Obermueller, Victor J. Merino

Layout and Design by Eric Hill, Lone Archivist, Meredith Silver

Illustrated by Daniel Vega, Joshua Clark, L.F. OSR, Nikolai Fletcher, Sajan Rai

Editing by Fiona Maeve Geist, Ian Yusem, Jarrett Crader

Development by Ian Yusem
PDF Accessibility Remediation by Dai Shugars

 Published by Anodyne Printware

Mothership 1e

Long Campaign and Anthology

Teens (PG-13)

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