Terrors from the Cosmos
Terrors from the Cosmos
Terrors from the Cosmos
Terrors from the Cosmos
Terrors from the Cosmos
Terrors from the Cosmos

Terrors from the Cosmos

For use with the Mothership® Sci-Fi Horror RPG
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1eFirst Edition Compatible

5 Adventure Pamphlets for Mothership 1st Edition with maps, NPCs, Monsters, and hand-outs.

Aphrodite Luxury Space Yacht

An exclusive interplanetary cruise and vacation hotspot, adored by the wealthy and famous. Invitations are coveted to this wonderland of the senses. Unknown to most, the mysterious Queen at the heart of Aphrodite is an ancient and malevolent alien scientist - Jiyva.

Antediluvian Park

Antediluvian Park, built by the Church of Restored Creation, houses a supercomputer named ARK (Automated Retro-Knosticator).
With advanced machine learning and a library of sequenced genomes, ARK is on an iterative quest to recreate the ecology of the Garden of Eden. The crew has been hired to steal ARK’s Logic Core.

The Logorrheum

The Logorrheum is a millennia-old grey goo floating in space. It takes the form of a massive, sprawling library arranged in hexagons. The books within are randomly generated, most consisting of gibberish. The crew crashes in a random cell, forcibly pulled in by the Logorrheum’s Attractor Field.

Medusa's Nest

Perseus is a mining base on the remote planetoid Medusa. Workers excavate and analyze sulfur crystals from massive geysers: the Brimstone Fonts. During the last 72 hours, three personnel have grown ill and vanished. Additionally, a colossal acid storm is battering down on Perseus, destroying critical infrastructure. Fear and disorder have halted production.

Tombship of the Lich

Deep in the blackness of space, a ship has appeared, carrying an evil creature of necromantic intelligence. The space lich Nekrul has awakened from its immortal slumber and wishes death to the universe. Nekrul has torn open a portal to the Abyss, and now works to release otherworldly creatures...

Mothership 1e

One-Shot and Anthology

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