The Progeny

The Progeny

For use with the Mothership® Sci-Fi Horror RPG
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1eFirst Edition Compatible

The Scheliden-Theodore Company sent scientist Tim Varney through an experimental transdimensional portal located in a remote facility on a moon of the planet Midian. They returned within minutes, with a body 10 years older and as a creature only referred to as “mama.” Mama births “babies” and wants nothing more than to take care of them.

A guard killed one of mama’s babies, and all communication with the facility went dark within hours. You have been tasked with investigating the facility and sending her back to her home.

The Progeny is a Programmed Adventure Game inspired by the old MicroQuests made for The Fantasy Trip and David Cronenberg’s classic film The Brood. You can play solo or wardenless using the included simplified Mothership rules and crawl procedure, or you can use the materials as a one-shot pamphlet adventure and player aids for use as a traditional Mothership module.

Note: Only the physical rules pamphlet for this micro-game is included. Additional physical components listed in the rules pamphlet (such as the physical map and tokens) are not included - but are included as digital extras for Print & Play or VTT use. These include: 

  • Player and Creature Counters

  • 11”x17” Map (Designed to be written on as a play aid)

  • Player Trackers. Suitable for use with contractors or PCs (with slight modification) within your Mothership campaign

Mothership 1e

Rules Supplement

Teens (PG-13)

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