For use with the Mothership® Sci-Fi Horror RPG
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1eFirst Edition Compatible


Mergen’s Watch Deep Space Astronomy Research Station is notable for utilizing and pioneering VR technology to capture distant phenomena within a virtual lab environment. An alien entity from a distant star was accidentally captured inside this virtual world, quickly manipulating the crew’s virtual experiences to trap them in a digital utopia, leaving their bodies little but emaciated shells haunting the silent corridors of the now-derelict station.

VR-DEAD is a MOTHERSHIP adventure where reality and memory are hard to pin down. Unknowingly trapped for weeks in a virtual paradise, players wake up to find the space station on the verge of total collapse and entirely in the thrall of a possessive virtual overlord that’s hell-bent on returning them to its digital prison. They’ll have to move carefully between the two worlds in order to survive and escape with their lives and minds intact. 

This is a 2-3 session adventure, and includes:

  • Detailed schematics of Mergen’s Watch
  • A list of virtual NPCs, and their nightmarish real world counterparts
  • The VR Zombies, ravenous cannibals that will do anything to preserve their false paradise
  • A ticking clock that will keep your players frantic and desperate as they explore the rapidly-collapsing station

Mothership 1e

Short Campaign

Daniel Hallinan