For use with the Mothership® Sci-Fi Horror RPG
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1eFirst Edition Compatible

Welcome to Choi Labs

Built by Dyson Phytology, hidden at the edge of explored space, and squirreled away at the bottom of an alien ocean, this clandestine research facility has recently discovered a marvelous ocean-floor moss with far-reaching potential. Subterfuge and breached quarantine quickly result in catastrophe. The infectious moss consumes both the facility and the staff that studied it, leaving only monstrous life in its wake.

Unaware of this disaster, an envious rival department turns to the black market to hire a team of hapless mercenaries, tasking them to infiltrate the labs and steal coveted samples of this would-be miracle moss. Upon arival, the team is greeted by empty hallways, corpses, and dire implications. Worse, they may already be infected by the nightmarish moss that haunts the hallways.

BLOOM is a short adventure of horrific infection. The risk of exposure is constant and subtle, the side effects ghastly and likely terminal. 


  • Rules for the various horrors birthed from the moss
  • Rules for both genuine infection and false symptoms induced by stress and paranoia
  • Player maps and information for the entire facility, provided by the client

Mothership 1e

Short Campaign

Daniel Hallinan

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