Mothership: Unconfirmed Contact Reports

Mothership: Unconfirmed Contact Reports

Sci-Fi Horror Roleplaying Game
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1eFirst Edition Core Rulebook

Unconfirmed Contact Reports is your guide to running terrifying encounters with strange entities and horrendous abominations. It comes complete with a section on designing your own horrors, and over 40 unique, fully illustrated monstrosities of our own!

  • 40+ fully illustrated unique horrors
  • 100+ in-world prompts
  • Guide to designing your own creatures

Mothership 1e

Teens (PG-13)

Mothership® is a horror game for mature audiences. It contains violence, foul language, some sexual content, drug use, and depictions of mental illness, trauma, stress, and panic that may not be suitable for all audiences. Please be advised.

Edited by Jarrett Crader

Written by Izzy Bull, Luke Gearing, Fiona Maeve Geist, Alan Gerding, Tyler Kimball, Wendy Pippin, Donn Stroud and David N. Wilkie

Illustrated by Franck Besançon, Daeva Hotline, William Davidson, Dylan.s, Daniel Francisco, Nick Grant, Dan Hawksworth, Trevor Henderson, Justyna Koziczak, Ben Longoria, Patrick Loveland, Trevor Mccoy, Nayla, Noizevul, Luis Perez-banus, Nick Tofani, Scrap Princess, Theotherwell, Luka Shults, and David N. Wilkie

Tuesday Knight Games

The Not-so-Classic

Monster Book

Unconfirmed Contact Reports is our answer to the classic Monster Book, with guidance on creating monsters, aliens, and other terrifying horrors.

Every Monster is a Boss Monster

In Mothership® we have a saying: Every monster is a boss monster. That means that each unique horror is a threat that you build 1-3 sessions around, rather than an obstacle meant to be defeated in a single encounter. These horrors are puzzles meant to be solved, ordeals to be survived, or terrors to save innocents from.

This Isn't Some Dusty Monster Encyclopedia

We've taken a novel approach to the classic bestiary style guide. We keep the stat blocks simple, and instead provide you with first-hand accounts of encounters with our strange and terrifying entities.

Each eye-witness account is written to be dropped directly into your game as evidence or clues that you can share directly with your players in game. 

What does that mean? It means this isn't some dusty monster encyclopedia meant for perusing on your own. It means that this book is meant for your players to devour (before it devours their characters).