Airlock! (0e)
Airlock! (0e)
Airlock! (0e)

Airlock! (0e)

For use with the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG
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0e CLEARANCE SALE: 0e (Zero Edition) is not the most up-to-date version of Mothership®. As such, this 0e product is heavily discounted and all sales are final.

The O-2 in your suit isn't gonna last forever, so let's not waste time with small talk. Power levels are dropping all over the place, and I don't trust the servers right now, so I went ahead and fired up the fabricators. Breach that airlock, get your butt to engineering and grab the Items I requested, and then get back over here fast. A ship just dropped out of n-space and will be in range to light us up in twenty minutes...

Airlock! is a large generative toolbox for your sci-fi games! 

Issue 1 contains:

  • 17 pages of Random Charts and Tables to be used during play, generating surprises or adding details to environments.  
  • An 8-page Colony Generator with 25 different facility tiles. 
  • 4 full-color Access/ID cards that can be cut out or photocopied and used as props.
  • Orbital Customs and Territorial Protection (OCTP) AI Declaration Form that can be cut out or photocopied and used as a prop.

Mothership 0e

Rules Supplement

James Floyd Kelly