Burying Grounds on Pavel Theta

Burying Grounds on Pavel Theta

For use with the Mothership® Sci-Fi Horror RPG
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1eFirst Edition Compatible

Set up the base camp on Pavel Theta, a planet scheduled for survey and archaeology research. The first excavation team has cleared the grounds and eliminated all vermin and hazards at the site. The mounds of earth covered in neon yellow flowers tell a different story.

Burying Grounds on Pavel Theta is a pamphlet adventure compatible with the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG. Working for the unsympathetic Kowalski Research Ventures as part of their terraforming efforts, players must contend with the environment while setting up base camp for another team.

Written as a one-shot, the pamphlet establishes the environment players contend with:

  • Clues and audio logs to learn the truth about those who came before them, including what happened to one of them.
  • A cramped base-camp with equipment, lockers and outdoor sections to explore, complete with hints and unique equipment to aid play.
  • Mechanics for building the necessary structures to complete the mission for evacuation.
  • A recurring threat that won’t stay dead, drawn in by the players’ noise and movement.
  • An infection timetable to send any survivors home with a souvenir.

With no working outgoing communications, players are cut off from help until they can bring a laser transmitter online. Warden tips and suggested ending options help bring this adventure to your table with minimal prep and flexible play.

Content warnings: violence, necrophobia

Mothership 1e


Teens (PG-13)

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