Crush Depth (0e)

Crush Depth (0e)

For use with the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG
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0e CLEARANCE SALE: 0e (Zero Edition) is not the most up-to-date version of Mothership®. As such, this 0e product is heavily discounted and all sales are final.

Players take on the role of ruthless bounty hunters, desperate prisoners, or prison guards in way over their heads, all of whom are trying to escape the collapsing prison of Crush Mare.

Crush Mare is a maximum-security prison located deep below Titan’s methane sea, Kraken Mare. The worst criminals in the sector are kept here - mass murderers, serial killers, and political prisoners.

Tectonic activity on Titan was thought to be non-existent...until today. A massive 8.5 earthquake has rocked the facility and sent the prison into total anarchy. Life support has been destroyed beyond repair. Liquid methane is pouring in at every crack. Fires have broken out across the prison and are spreading rapidly.

Prisoners are rioting. Communication with the surface has been lost. The only escape sub is locked behind a biometric key, and the only non-pulverized guard with biometric access hasn’t been seen since the quake. Guards and prisoners are racing against one another to find the Keyed Guard and escape. To worsen matters, bounty hunters have arrived on-scene to transport two highly dangerous criminals from the facility, Edmund and Brace. They will do whatever it takes to escape the prison alive with their bounty, while Edmund and Brace will do anything and everything to prevent their own capture.

Start a timer, because in two hours, the entire facility will implode under the pressure of Titan’s Kraken Mare...

Mothership 0e


Mature (R)

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