Familiar Faces Volume 1
Familiar Faces Volume 1
Familiar Faces Volume 1
Familiar Faces Volume 1
Familiar Faces Volume 1

Familiar Faces Volume 1

For use with the Mothership® Sci-Fi Horror RPG
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1eFirst Edition Compatible

Familiar Faces is a 52pg sandbox satellite system chalk full of story hooks. Players discover new opportunities through the motivations, biographies, eccentric acquaintances, and described pasts of these characters. Additionally, Volume 1 provides 3 new settings - Julip IV and its two satellites, Atlas Roe and Gilgamesh Red that house the characters.

  • GAN BATAA: Spidroina Silk Farmer
  • KURT PHARAOH: Travelling Artifacts Curator
  • MANSUR JAZIRI: Mobile Suit Designer
  • ZOYA AMARI: Defense Robot Engineer
  • MARCELLO RENATO: Numismatist (Historical Coin Trader)
  • AINSLEY BLACKWOOD: Xenotech Restorator
  • 18+ Acquaintances, 15+ Services, + 12 Motivations, and many more hooks in the backstories of the major NPCs.
  • JULIP IV SYSTEM: Julip IV (Planet), Gilgamesh Red (Satellite), Atlas Roe (Natural Satellite)
  • GILGAMESH RED, the commercial satellite: 4 NPCs, 17 defined areas, 4 NPCs, + 20 businesses.
  • JULIP IV, the agricultural planet:5 NPCs, farm + towns tables, + 3 political parties.
  • ATLAS ROE, the natural satellite: 4 NPCs, towns + services tables, enforcers table, + 1d10 I found a bunker table.
  • Uruk 1 satellite, Hidden Persons Inc, Iron Tiger hacking group, Imaginaria bioterrorists, + Grey Terror Cartel pirate syndicate.
  • Warden’s Guide to Repairing Xenotech Artifacts + the “Ancient Alien Tech” and “Xenotech Restoration” skills for Mothership RPG.

Familiar Faces' NPCs provide multiple functions. As recurring NPCs, they offer unique transaction opportunities for players on shore leave. As integrated members of their community, they offer interesting opportunities and introductions. As crews may often die off and reset during your campaigns, they offer a familiar face the crew might have heard of before their new journey begins.

Familiar faces is bundled with a Notebook that allows players to make notes and record details of the NPC's and locations they encounter. 

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