Galaxy of Death
Galaxy of Death
Galaxy of Death
Galaxy of Death
Galaxy of Death
Galaxy of Death
Galaxy of Death

Galaxy of Death

For use with the Mothership® Sci-Fi Horror RPG
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1eFirst Edition Compatible

A mortifying collection of three deadly scenarios! 


On the streets of Laser Cove, tourists and corpos alike live by the laser and die by the laser. This is a cautionary tale of portable Laser Cutter technology gone awry! A player Power Fantasy about the most controversial weapon/tool in Mothership... the everyday, ordinary Laser Cutter.

What happens when something you buy at space Home Depot gets into the hands of a group of depraved criminals? I bring you the answer: MIAMI LASER CUTTER MASSACRE!

Blood on the Beach, Lasers in the Streets! 

You and your team have been hired to smuggle out a cache of prototype portable Laser Cutters freshly stolen from the Indo-Dynamic Corporation. Your task is simple: smuggle the prototypes off-planet and get out alive!

This will be no easy task. The city is in the middle of a riot, and a massive hurricane storm front is rapidly closing in. All the while, bloodthirsty gangs of criminals stalk the streets in search of the bounty on your heads. Do you have what it takes to ESCAPE LASER COVE?!


You and your fellow survivors are violently woken from cryosleep into a starless black void, with no memory of the events that got you there in the first place. On your nameless, classified research vessel, an experimental hyperdrive throbs with life, twisting reality and breaking the minds of the crew. If the psychological terror of liminal Null Space doesn't kill you, other horrors will. Time is running out.  Repair the ship, engage the experimental drive, and get back to real space before it's too late!


You and your team have been tasked with the impossible: locate the lair of Dr. Memphis Calaghari, infamous prodigal founder of New Dawn Pharmatek. Plunderers, pilgrims, explorers, assassins, and thieves... many have sought this lost laboratory. All have failed. 

She keeps saying the same fucking thing. The jungle, it came alive and took him.

What treasures of biological and medical research might one uncover? Calaghari is a brilliant exiled scientist and visionary to some, an unethical monster and twisted tyrant to others. His forbidden research has paved the way for countless modern medical breakthroughs - but at what cost?

Seek the Doctor on his remote jungle moon. Fend off the attacks of his cast-off experiments: mutated plants, animals, and worse. Brave the wilds of his quarantined death world... and uncover the Lair of the Biomancer!

Mothership 1e

One-Shot and Anthology