Graveyard of the Gods
Graveyard of the Gods
Graveyard of the Gods
Graveyard of the Gods
Graveyard of the Gods

Graveyard of the Gods

For use with the Mothership® Sci-Fi Horror RPG
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1eFirst Edition Compatible

Deep in the Galactic Core lies Netjeru, a dead moon orbiting a decaying hunk of super-massive space rock. On this moon, mining companies operate with the utmost secrecy to unearth the bodies of long-dead deities. They dig deeper and deeper into this corpse world, searching for what lies in its core. Dare you follow them down into the GRAVEYARD OF THE GODS?

Graveyard of the Gods is an adventure module and Warden's toolkit for the Mothership sci-fi TTRPG, focusing on cosmic and gnostic horror, rules for mining into planets and planetoids, extracting resources, and interacting with ancient, unknowable alien intelligences. Features included are:

  • Arcology Generator: Roll up (almost) self-sufficient domes which are populated by Netjeru's prison population, or pillage the chart and place these Arcologies anywhere in the galaxy for any campaign.
  • Planetary Depths: A vertical dungeon-crawl generation table, inspired by the likes of Veins of the Earth and AD&D, for use when mining or exploring the underground of any terrestrial planet. The table can be used anywhere in the galaxy, with both specific and general minerals listed for excavation and sale.
  • Supernal Mutations Table: Give your players horrible malformations, manifesting as a result of human (and even android) minds trying to grapple with unknowable words of power.
  • Mining Machines: Terrestrial and sub-terrestrial vehicles and rules used to explore the hidden depths of planets and moons.
  • Impossible Artifacts: Hidden in secret cavities, these strange organs contain the last vestiges of power belonging to the excavated god corpses.
  • Mining and Monsters: Lymphatic horrors hunt anyone who dares to disturb the slumbering bodies, with treasures in the form of pulsating Macrocells and Godsblood fetching hundreds of thousands of credits...if you can escape the planetoid.
  • And More!

Mothership 1e

Long Campaign and Rules Supplement

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