Knights of Lazarus
Knights of Lazarus
Knights of Lazarus

Knights of Lazarus

For use with the Mothership® Sci-Fi Horror RPG
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1eFirst Edition Compatible

Knights of Lazarus is an art heavy dangerous dungeon for the Mothership Sci-fi Horror RPG. The 56-page zine weaves a few beloved classic fantasy tropes into the futuristic horror we love.

Join the ranks of the order or plot a heist of their most prized xenotech artifacts. Either way, you will discover their dark hidden secrets.

Who Are the Knights of Lazarus

The Knights of Lazarus are renowned for being charitable contributors and purveyors of ancient knowledge. Their STEEL Order is their primary front-facing sub-order. The STEEL Order offers protective services for developing nations and regularly de-escalate international and interplanetary conflicts as mediators. Additionally, they preach high morals and provide national leader training. The Knights of Lazarus derive their ideologies from hundreds of parallel thinking civilizations that have been found across galaxies. At various levels of technological advancement, these similar societies share medieval philosophies, knight-like orders, heraldry, symbiology, and significance placed on religion.

Inspired by early RPGs it is often more intelligent to avoid combat to live another day. Plotting and taking in information as players experience enemies and traps is the best way to pull off a successful heist.


  • The Ship Canterbury dungeon
  • Distilled dungeon ruleset (2 pages) with full Encounter Table, Knight Reactions Table, an Enemy Stat Quick Reference Table, + simple, easily tracked Rules for Automated Enemies.
  • 3 Levels of difficulty
  • 20 Rumors about the Knights of Lazarus
  • 16 pieces of art, including 8 Full-Art Pages
  • 5 Full-Color Maps and more than 50 rooms to explore
  • 6 Enemies and 3 Traps. Including fully automated machine enemies that react to players as they traverse the dungeon.
  • Random Knight Generator + Additional Random Tables to maximize variability.
  • Joining the Knights of Lazarus rules and Mission Table

Mothership 1e

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Teens (PG-13)

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