Rogue Brood (0e)

Rogue Brood (0e)

For use with the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG
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0e CLEARANCE SALE: 0e (Zero Edition) is not the most up-to-date version of Mothership®. As such, this 0e product is heavily discounted and all sales are final.

Two weeks ago, the long-range research ship KING SOLOMON, chartered by AURORA LOGISTICS, stopped responding. AURORA is deeply concerned, and willing to pay a 5MCR BOUNTY for the return of the ship, with an additional 2MCR bonus for the retrieval of the valuable research data in the ship’s DATA DRIVE. Luckily enough, you just happened to be the closest ship in range when the bounty went out, giving you full access to the ship before anyone else. Just remember: help is light-years away. 

ROGUE BROOD is an adventure for the MOTHERSHIP sci-fi horror RPG, detailing an abandoned research ship inhabited by fearsome uplifts turned savage by a failed corporate experiment. Crawl through the dark and twisting halls of the King Solomon in search of deadly corporate secrets- but beware, for Aurora Logistics' misbegotten creations still lurk here, with hate in their hearts and sharp, sharp teeth... 


  • A ready-to-run adventure, perfect either as a one-shot or as part of an ongoing campaign 
  • An abandoned ghost ship, still stained with the blood of a recent uprising 
  • A fully realized new antagonist faction- the Gombe Brood 

Mothership 0e


Peter Drury-Mulholland