The Flora on Acyx

The Flora on Acyx

For use with the Mothership® Sci-Fi Horror RPG
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1eFirst Edition Compatible

Help the settlers of the jungle moon Acyx from an invading flora by delivering an experimental herbicide. The vines strangle the few facilities that remain, and the inhabitants have exhausted all other options. It’s just some weeds, what’s the big deal?

The Flora on Acyx is a pamphlet adventure compatible with the sci-fi horror Mothership RPG. Contracted to help settlers on the frontier, players quickly learn it's quite a bit more than just gardening.

Whether played as a one-shot standalone session, or part of a campaign, you'll find everything you need to explore a settlement on the frontier, including:

  • A vivacious group of 10 settlers with their own ideas about the threat and each other. Included personality traits help make each NPC memorable and distinct.
  • 7 locations with clues to aid players to find a solution, and tips for a shifting threat to keep them on the move. Combat and non-combat responses are included to keep your table's options open.
  • Multiple paths to keep your players engaged: an ongoing threat to maintain tension; a web of clues combining interpersonal NPC relationships and location details; clear reasons why the players are (stuck) here; and a time limit before things get worse.

Players must address this growing threat by strength or by wits, navigating the settlement and NPCs before it's too late. How the players deal with the problem is up to them, but included warden notes help build a narrative at the table, as well as three suggested paths the group could take.

Content warnings: violence, acrophobia, mycophobia

Mothership 1e


Teens (PG-13)

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