The Junkstar Herald
The Junkstar Herald

The Junkstar Herald

For use with the Mothership® Sci-Fi Horror RPG
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1eFirst Edition Compatible
The Junkstar Herald. Because the Junkstar matters. Issue 86 of the Junkstar Herald is finally here, bringing you the latest news from around the Junkstar!

BREAKING NEWS: Otherworldly outsiders are at large somewhere in the Junkstar's cities, and sources say they come from a place called "Earth!" Who are they and what threat do they pose to you? Find out inside the latest issue!

BREAKING NEWS: The Jealous of Clocks and the Boom Gardeners have coordinated a complex strike against our Sovereign Empire on Tor-Tagar. All-out WAR begins!

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All this and more, INSIDE!


The Junkstar Herald is an 8-page tabloid (10" x 15") filled with news stories, product advertisements, help-wanted ads, opinion pieces, games, secret codes, maps, a "mothership" blueprint with accompanying shuttlecraft, and comics - all intended to build out the cultural lore of the Junkstar: the remnants of a shattered Dyson Sphere that orbits a dead star, populated by jockeying factions who have no clue about their once-glorious past.

This is a mechanics-free, "in-universe" publication that was created as part of the 2022 Mothership Lo-Fi Jam. There are NO mechanics or campaign instructions in this publication! It contains lore only, written from the perspective of those who live in the many rotted steel cities that orbit the Junkstar. Not everything can be taken at face value! The various authors may have agendas and biases of their own, and some information may be inaccurate, misleading, or downright propaganda. It is intended to be a springboard for Wardens to build a campaign of their own using the Mothership core ruleset, though the mechanics-free nature makes it suitable for any sci-fi TTRPG.

The Junkstar Herald is player-friendly, meaning it can be shown to players as a prop without spoiling anything. This can be used as part of an on-going campaign (in which PCs can assume the role of the "Visitors"/Outsiders), or the start of new adventures (in which PCs can originate from 1 of 5 factions: The Trash Mommas, the Boom Gardeners, the Jealous of Clocks, the High Hate Lords, or the Outsiders).

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